I’m an enthusiastic amateur player of folk music on a number of instruments including the hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes,  clarinet and mandolin.



Avant Deux playing at Crafty Vintage Christmas Fair, Brockholes, 2016.

Photo by Labrat –

I help to organise Lancaster Eurodance and you can find a collection of my favourite traditional tunes on the Eurodance site, and I support my partner Sian Phillips as leader of the New Orchestra in Folkus.


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I have written a few short articles on musical topics, usually to provide guidance to others who are learning to play the hrdy-gurdy or other folk instruments.   They are all work in progress (comments are welcome using the contact page).

  1. Music Theory Basics (Aimed at hurdy-gurdy players)
  2. Transposing Instruments
  3. First Steps with the hurdy-gurdy (coming soon)
  4. A music notation primer for folk musicians (coming soon)
  5. A diagram of the some important musical modes and scales
  6. Some notes on using computers to typeset music, including ABC notation resources

Tune Collection

You can find some collected links to videos of folk tunes here